What you get

A few thoughts on my value to my next employer.

I tend to see work as an exercise in puzzle and problem solving. I’m good at distinguishing the signal from the noise.

My skills are centered around critical thinking, being ruthlessly analytic, being a constant learner and working methodically on refining, distilling and polishing communications. Being a generalist is my specialty and I’m very good at it.

My deepest skills are a penchant for critical analysis, a devotion to learning and my ability to communicate in a clear, concise and cohesive fashion.

I place a very high value on collaboration and participation. The boss is the best idea and everyone should be encouraged to contribute.

I believe in the power of teamwork and I tend to favor the metaphor of a jazz band or a jam band working together on an improvisation. In this setting listening is every bit as valuable as having something to say. In fact listening is the strongest predicate for making a valuable contribution. Just as in a musical improvisation, what you don’t say can be just as important is what you do say and leaving some space allows others to fill it, hopefully with something brilliant, relevant and unexpected.

I ask a lot of questions and make a very conscious effort to uncover all of the very basic elemental assumptions that may be preventing looking at problems and puzzles from a fresh and innovative perspective.